Lap Le
Time Between Mothers

11.22.13 - 12.08.13

Opening Reception
Friday, November 22

This Friday, Culture Room will present Lap Le’s first solo show titled “Time between Mothers” - a suite of eleven drawings inspired by science fiction. Almost all the drawings depict the covers of novels – all authored by the artist – which appear worn and well-read. Yet the drawings add an additional layer of fiction, existing only as handmade reproductions with invented titles such as “A Tear in Freefall for Eternity” and “Alien, Still, to those Human Things.” The books are not real – they are science fiction.

Sci-Fi has always been a longstanding passion of Le’s, but this is his first body of work that explicitly explores the subject. To Le, the genre represents an “illogical optimism.” Science fiction and its corresponding visual vernacular can illustrate a world – simultaneously hopeful and bleak – in which two beings melt together in cosmic splendor as in Le’s “Neon Tourniquet.”

The drawings in the exhibition will also be accompanied by a short story written by the artist called “The Dancer, The Chord.” The story’s protagonist, a photographer named Collie living in Brooklyn in the distant future, owns a unique camera that can peer into the past. What “Col” uncovers long ago is as enchanting and unsettling as the images that Le propagates of the future.

-Jacquelyn Gleisner